Monday, November 23, 2009

Best porn??

Definitly "Mother Daughter Exchange Club" suit. Perfect storyline.. a mom-daughter tag-team have sex with another mom-daughter tag-team. Pure lesbos and nice porn!

Most often none of the pathetic silicon-filled mammaries but more young-old fuck for 2 hours. And with stars like Lexi Belle, Darryl Hanah, Nicole Moore, Nikki Rhodes, Diamond Foxxx, Ashlyn Rae, Hayden Night, Dia Zirva you get so much nice lesbo pussy show you can really "enjoy yourself".

M E L I K E I T !!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Menage a trois

Trio is a good way to fuck... At least it gives the bloke some downtime between pops and the girls can amuse themselves.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Swedes produce Porn with tax money

Gotta Luv Sweden. The feministic project Dirty Diaries was made with cash from the "state". Basically, 9 million swedes supports pornography. YEAY!!

They are a dirty fuck!

Dirty Diaries is a diverse collection of Swedish feminist porn: Hardcore action and vanilla sex, queer and straight, flashing and fucking, provocation and more!

Paid by the Government. So, any wannabe porn producer, call Sweden!

As long as you call it artsy or feministic - you have a GO!
But if you try to produce nice porn like GAG or abuse as Buttman.. you are screwed.. no pun intented.

Any inspiring young woman who wants to flash her pussy for a train can do it as Art. But if same person goes for a gag movie - it is the worst crap ever. Porn is Porn. It has ONE PURPOSE!!

Make the viewer horny and masturbate! There is no fucking art in fucking!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Boring to be a late 20s!!!

Interesting.. if a woman is between 25-35 she has a lovely body but the "attractive" women are the younger and the older. MILF is often 35-50 year old women. A mid 20 - is past the prime and not yet really sexy.

If they are american women, their tits are so hard due to all silicone they look silly. If there is a russian woman, then she is plump and shows her age. In the between - you find all normal nice MILF's.

On the other scale you find the really young (or those who try to act younger) that is modelesque.

Just look at domain names - either you find MILF in them or teen. That is what the audience want and that is what the audience gets!

Wake UP!


3 years of coma has resulted in one hornier dude! Spanking the monkey twice a day unloading a cup each time!

Time to begin... anew!

Monday, February 13, 2006

It's always a novelty the first time

Was crawling (nah, not really - just walking) on the shopping streets in Shanghai, China. I was approached several times by girls and women. Some where young and cute, others were older and cute. And then there was that last category: those no so cute. Everyone tried but I checked their intention with a simple statement: "I am going back to my hotel". If these girls were working girls they would propose another solution. But almost everyone's agenda was to get me to walk with them for a while and then join them at a bar. That fucking typical hussling of "The fat white boy"! Many bars in Shanghai keeps or employs nice attractive girls to chat up the guests. It's the same as in Bangkok. The girls are to get you to buy them drinks and they get money back from the bar for that. Damn. Some were very attractive but I don't like to go to a bar and spend lot of cash on getting nothing back. Therefor Thailand is better. The bar-girls there are at least "on lease"!

I tried a massage on Nanjing Rd. Entered a plush place and looked the menu over. Selected Thaimassage and was show to a huge room. Then I was given clothes to wear. Damn, no nudiestyle! A very young, and oh so cute, came in and started. She was good but not great. And all fun I got was a simple HJ. Not enough. In Pudong I went to a BBS and there it was "shite". Plenty of cash for a simple HJ. I had still not lost my chinese cherry.

Later I went to Beijing and tried 2 massage & sauna. Still no happy ending. WTF has happened? Had I been let on? Checking up on the scene and my game was worthless? Damn Damn Damn. Again! Perhaps I couldn't read the signs on how to act. I don't know. But that fun area was never touched and fondled to signal that "IT" was an option on the board.

Thank you for Dalian!! I'll tell y'all later!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Daily rant

Found finally a cool tool for getting all the free internetbased porn I need. Just by using a simple keyword as a search I'll get access to thousands and thousands of porn sites that charges money. And for me it's free!! BIATCH!!! Why pay for net-porn? That I have never understood.

I pay $ for access to a forum, yes I do. And for that $19.95/year I get access to images. True. I Pay but that's not for the images. I support the forum. Where we mongrels have the oppertunity to write down all the sick stuff we do.

Location: Seoul, South Korea
Back from Gyeongju. I went to the sport-massage located at the hotel. Entered by the backdoor it seemed. Found someone who spoke english and told her I wanted to get a quote. Well, she said 120.000 won for 1 hr and that would include "all" *nudge nudge*. Told them I'd think about it and come back later that evening. After a nice dinner with my friends I had made my mind up.

Entered the location and behold. Now I was given a new price. 200.000 won!!! I might by horny but that is something I didn't like. A price is supposed to be a price. Finally I got the reason for the higher price. I am a fucking europeean. And korean women hates foreigners. If they are to have sex with us they need money to overcome their disgust. So I took my business back to my hotellroom for a date with Ms LeftHand.. that was a freebie!

I found that same thing here in Seoul. One can browse pornstar-quality women standing/working in the RL-districts but getting your know sucked by one of them? No fucking way! I shit you not - They are truly pornstar quality!! The policy in SK in that all prostitution and RLD will be gone by 2007. The state is sponsering education and reschooling for the fallen women. I adhere to that!! It is great if all the korean prostitutes went away. They are too racial to be allowed their business. If I can't have korean pussy they should be banned :D I am a fat overweight white male!! The best sex buyer in the world!

I'll let you know later about how I lost the "korean cherry" to a wonderful gal in Itaewon. (And NOT on The Hill, but at another establishment. But at a price of 300k won!)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hardcore Perv

Oh, glorious sinners, set me free!

I must make a confession as I start this blog. I am truly and really a fucking pervert. And by that, I mean in the sense that I won't keep my mouth shut about all the beautiful sin we commits.

It's a story that beginns many years ago. Lets say.. mid 90's. After passing into puberty in the 80's we didn't have the same option as our parents with the free sexual life they had. An ugly thing started to scare the shit out of us; AIDS. We became one of the first generations NOT to advance the sexual activities.

Everyone handled the situation on their own. Some when vanilla, some went chochlate and some didn't go anywhere. Me? I took the smaller path and turned into some deviant stuff. I began to enjoy the asian flavour. In Asia we can find everything we desire. If you are into childporn, hookers, bukakke or just blowjob bars you will find it here.

I just love sitting in a BJ-Bar in Bangkok, sipping a beer and having a pro sucking on my tiny friend. Watching her hed bob up and down, a slurping sound and taking my load. It is something I can't have back home where I live. It really sucks. And I love the japanese weird sex. Watching a dvd with a Ko-Gal getting rammed while she makes the sounds only the japanese women can. The japanese are the sexual Gods! They have invented so many things I just LOVE!!! My nick is even taken from a japanese fetish: ('ashi' means feet and 'koki' is the sound of rubbing or, well, polishing.S o.. 'ashikoki' is the method of jacking a gentleman off with her feet).

The one thing I really dislike; american smut. There is no such turn-off as a stupid Barbie-clone, huge DD silicon-filled tits and is as sensual as a brick. That you Asia for giving me stuff to wank to! I will share my... past, present and future!